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As this report will show, working women and men do not have equal experiences when it comes to how they spend their time on paid and unpaid labor. By the mere fact of their union, efforts equal in intensity produce superior results. For this reason he advanced the revolutionary belief that governments had an obligation to provide education to workers.

Although our framework is very general and not geared toward any specific system, concrete predictions can be generated when the relevant functions are derived from mechanistic considerations in a specific system.

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If each worker or group of workers focuses on specific tasks, there is less unnecessary motion and handling of different devices, parts, and tools. Therefore, indigenous innovation is a key element of achieving inclusive growth in China. The division and specialization of labor has been a force against the problem of scarcity.

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However, the new theories are yet to be fully developed.

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Some prognosticators, for example, predicted massive unemployment, poverty and social unrest due to employment disruptions stemming from computers. By the way I found this book to be a surprising source of ideas, not dry and academic at all. Increasing the specialization of work might lead to workers with low overall skills and a lack of enthusiasm for their work.

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