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Advantages Of Witness Testimony

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Was this document helpful? Requiring that this study advantages disadvantages of witness in assessment relate to put. You should know what this witness can and will say on the stand, both on direct and cross examination.

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Sign up for our email newsletter. Finally, the witness can write their own statement on a blank sheet of paper, and sign and date it. Can someone mark my answer to a exam question i have done?

The use of eyewitness testimony is infamously a primary source of evidence used within the judicial system around the world; however its use has raised various questions as to its reliability and validity especially within court cases.

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When a crime occurs and multiple people are around to witness it, the first reaction is usually to go to the person next to you to confirm what you just saw. Second, ascertain if the identificationprocedures in the case were fair and unbiased.

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