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GATE is capable of ensuring persistence for its resources. It only took a couple lines of code to get it to read back the output file and dump it to another file. For wikimedia projects this interface is not publically available.

Postgres could easily handle a table that big but I doubt my laptop would.

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Manual Purpose The purpose of this project is to download the complete English Wikipedia, specifically the text articles, convert them to a more useful and compressed data format, and upload them to a cluster where searches and analytics can be supported.

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Sign up Python tool for processing Wikipedia dump files. With this script is possible to export all the revisions of each wiki page or just the last revision. If you have any data schema definition on hierarchy of it has xml schema?

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Proxy generation does not support RPC style WSDL itself. The reason is that the fields are swapped around and so there is rubbish data in these two fields. Perl tool to convert DTD file to XSD Wikipedia. He also laid out the steps for creating the prototype for this system.

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