Big Fork River Fishing Report

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Walleye eat a variety of different baits, however, when push comes to shove, it is much easier to catch them with live baits. Caddis, Yellow Sallies and nocturnal stoneflies. The water level is very low so pray for a good winter to fill this reservoir up. Sucker fishing is a hoot and they are delicious to eat, especially smoked and canned.

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Maybe at least once a year! Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice. Sight fishing is effective during spring because Perch can easily be seen roaming in and around the weedy cover.

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The major presence on flooding, particularly during high elevation of healthy wipers up this subwatershed are managed on this. Just behind us with big fork river fishing report. For me, today marks the beginning of a new season, the countdown to the Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener.

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  • BIG BROWN trout start looking up and eating bugs.
  • The fishing is great.
  • Both reservoirs are full for the first time in several years.
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