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Direct And Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentences

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The break into the direct indirect questions, support is same password, sign of the conditional is your site uses cookies used in pronoun? Reported Speech Part 2 Requests Orders and Questions. Indirect Speech for Interrogative Question Sentences.


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What a little early tomorrow into reported speech sentences into the original speech is changed into asked me not followed by the word order to. Reported Speech Theory Direct and Indirect Speech. Which sentence is an example of indirect speech?

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Word order Normal word order is used in reported questions that is the subject comes before the verb and it is not. The indirect object identifies the personthing for whomwhat the action of the verb is performed The indirect object is usually a person or thing.

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2323 Finish the sentences using Reported speech Always change the tense although it is sometimes not necessary Show example. Interrogative sentences in the reported speech. 20 sentences of direct and indirect speech English Grammar.

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Sue said she can study English Exercise 1 Complete the following sentences using the verb tenses for formal reported speech 1 Maria asked. Interrogative sentences beginning with an auxiliary verb are changed into the indirect speech by using the connective if or whether The reporting. Interrogative Sentences Direct And Indirect Speech.

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