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Please kindly give me some advice. Your quick respond is very much appreciated. Did you get an answer to this as I have the same situation? For the people who are flying back to Delhi and are intending to stay! Fb message us, with a small service charge we do help others to book air tickets.

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  • So what did I do with my own travel credit?

PCR, LAMP or antigen test result. Until now, the problem is still unsolved. Sign up for the free daily TPG newsletter for more airline news! Tommy, what should I do if I web check with wrong passport number? Hi Tommy, How can I amend date of birth which wrongly key in during booking process?

Will my ticket bought through cheap tickets work at a Chinese airport?

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Thanks for answering my question. Where would you like to be dropped off? Oh yeah, and the earlier ticket that you already booked? Ordinary face coverings may be worn on flights to and from Germany. Where is the DMG saved when the hard disk is erased?

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What are my customer rights? Dear Tommy, my apologies for the late reply. You will need to check in the iron, then it should be ok. As the situation improves and normality returns, more flights will being operating.

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We are not under quarantine. BEGIN: Facebook clicks on unlike button FB. Hi Lia, you will need to amend it as it is not complete name. Hi Gisel, it is definitely cheaper to buy online than at the airport. Cathay Pacific will cease services to seven global locations as losses mount. Change Flight to search for alternate flights.

  • How do I know if my payment got through?
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  • Note that it has to be on the same route.
  • So, is it possible to only change one and not the four together?
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