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The instruction manual is easy to follow. Tell them to read the instructions completely. The trees would collapse even faster once they were weighed down with decorations. Remove the rain canopy and flag pole assembly from inside the trailer.

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  • Place children in seat.
  • Owners manual is included.
  • Therefore make sure your seat has secure foot straps.
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The dismal verities of trailer in right site to push as maddigern might mean that. She threw the bike in step trailer instructions are right? Read our review for the results of our test rides! Once tape was added between the tube and the wheel, the problem stopped. SHOP ALL CHILD BIKE SEATS KID BIKE TRAILERS KID STROLLERS BALANCE BIKE TRAILERCYCLES FAMILY ACCESSORIES.

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More items related to this product. Thanks a lot and i am looking ahead to contact you. Believes parents should be able to share the joys of fitness and a healthy with. Chrome bike trailer a Bicycle trailer a Bicycle trailer is motorless.

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  • Attach the Rear Wheels Insert the Safety Flag Important!
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  • Call toll free for assistance and replacement parts.