Our Story

My wife Robin and I, John Penwarden, bought a beautiful home in Kalama, Washington 3 years ago.

We have named it our Sanctuary and have set side an acre and a half with a horse barn that we want to develop into a Rescue or Pet Sanctuary. This began our journey and the development of Price Sanctuary, LLC.

Robin is a Nurse for the V.A. in Vancouver, WA where she has worked at the Community Living Center on the Hospice wing for over 8 years now. I developed an online presence with ebay and etsy about 3 years ago hoping to create enough extra income for the domain build. And possibly get Robin retired a few years early from her job at the V.A. The online dream store and more right ?

I, John Penwarden, am a Medically Retired Disabled Veteran (1982) whom has survived a Brain Aneurysm in 2004. I was an Administrative/Personal Management Chief, Helped develop the REPMIS system, On I&I duty, and served in various other critical MOS’s while on active duty. I’ve attended 7 years plus of college earned 3 degrees, Owned my own business while going to school. Was an Adult Leadership Trainer for the Boy Scouts of America, Columbia Pacific Counsel for several years as well as the Scouting for Food Contact., Toys for Tots, …

I worked as a Respiratory Therapist RRT for Kaiser Permanente at the original Kaiser Facility (Bess Kaiser) in Portland, OR until I was T-Boned by a drunken driver in January 1997. Can honestly say, that is when all the disability troubles really begin to ruin my life. Haven’t been able to get or maintain a job since. Unable to get SSD. Went through numerous rehabilitation programs. Honestly, glad to be alive. But what a crazy mess it has been.

The biggest reason for this venture is to develop a local U.S. made product and share it with the world. Developing an international ecommerce site that has quality U.S. (local) products at affordable prices. I’ve had this dream that I want to share with all that will eventually allow us to have and create the Pet Sanctuary.

I'm looking forward to building many online business associates through this endeavor. Our business outline includes U.S. made (preferably western US) woolens, fleece, skins and leathers. Our goal is to provide U.S. Quality & Comfort online 24/7. At affordable prices.

All I can say is “Let’s Make This Happen” ! God’s Abundant Blessings Always

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